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Air Conditioning R22 Refrigerant Replacement in Guildford and Farnborough

Refrigerant is the substance that makes air conditioning possible. Often starting the refrigeration cycle as a fluid that undergoes a cyclic state change from gas to liquid and back again. There have been a number of different refrigerant compounds used over the years, perhaps the most common of those being HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons).

Chemical refrigerants are assigned the letter R as the prefix to a sequence of letters and numbers that refer to that particular compound’s molecular structure. As of 2015 those refrigerants designated as R22 were banned from use, either for maintenance or repair of your system as part of the EC Ozone Regulation (1005/2009).

The regulation was introduced in an effort to phase out the use of HCFCs in air conditioning units, due to the ozone depleting effects chlorofluorocarbons CFCs have on the environment. It is still legal for you to use your unit with existing R22 in the system, however it is illegal to top up your unit with new R22, meaning that service, maintenance or repair to your air conditioning will inevitably result in R22 replacement.

Why you should replace your R22 system

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R22 was initially banned for use in new equipment in the UK in 2004 because HCFCs react with and damage the ozone layer. This allows more UV radiation from the sun to reach the earth’s surface, which then causes a chain reaction of widespread ecological disturbances under the banner of global warming. Such as poor crop yields, widespread desertification, melting ice caps, rising sea levels and extensive loss of habitat.

Due to their catastrophic impact on the environment, R22 along with other ozone-depleting substances are being globally phased out and replaced by modern compounds (such as R-410A) that do not react with Ozone in the same negative way.

It is and has been a criminal offence to replenish R22 coolants for over three years. If you haven’t already, now is the time to inquire about replacing all aspects of your system that use the banned substance.

The good news about replacing your R22 refrigerant

Crown Air Conditioning have a lot of experience in the processes involved in removing and replacing R22 from air conditioning systems. We can assist with identifying what parts of your system use R22, surveying your entire site if necessary and will offer advice, backed with considerable experience.

Despite an initial outlay of cost in replacing the necessary components, modern air conditioning systems perform much more efficiently than older models. Couple this increase in efficiency (up to 50%) with the competitive prices of R22 replacement refrigerants – and the cost of replacement can be recouped within as little as two years.

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