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Crown Air Conditioning is an established company with many years of expertise in a range of air conditioning services. Having your air conditioning unit serviced on a regular basis is an important way to ensure efficiency and reliability. Our air conditioning maintenance services are available to clients throughout Horsham, Crawley and West Sussex, with cost-effective options at competitive prices. 

The importance of air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning systems are complex pieces of equipment which require regular professional maintenance. Over time, dust, dirt and bacteria will build-up inside your air con system. Although this build-up isn’t harmful, if not removed it will quickly result in an unpleasant smell and poor air quality. In addition, because the system has to work harder, you’ll see your energy costs rise. In the worst case scenario, failure to have a system serviced will lead to system faults and eventual breakdown.

Our air conditioning maintenance services offer a cost-effective way to avoid problems such as these. We’ll tailor a service schedule to meet your individual requirements, providing you with peace of mind and reassurance that your system is reliable and efficient.

We have a team of highly experienced and fully qualified engineers who work to checklists to ensure systems are correctly serviced. Planned preventative maintenance contracted clients can also enjoy a number of benefits, including reduced labour charges and guaranteed call out times.

Offering the best way to enjoy peace of mind, our maintenance services provide a cost-effective way to ensure your air conditioning system is reliable and efficient.

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Our Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Maintenance Company Horsham Crawley

As a leading air conditioning maintenance company in Horsham and Crawley, we offer a range of air conditioning design and installation services. Providing superb quality air conditioning at realistic prices, our installation services are available to both business, industrial and residential clients.

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We install, service and repair the best quality air conditioning systems, including:

What a great company! Well run, honest and reliable. Excellent rates for a first class service. We have had many air con companies inthe past and Crown are by far the best, I cannot recommend them enough. Companies are often run from the top down, and it certainly shows with Crown.

Customer in Hampton